Sunday, April 13, 2008

myra's quilt

I started this one after browsing Etsy and being inspired by all the colors and sizes and textures.

I had no idea what size I wanted it to be, only what colors and what fabrics I wanted to use. Pink, pink and lots of pink. I was 
big on not wanting to buy anything new, so I dug around in my fabric and found fabric that would work together. I am really in love with the Alexander Henry stuff. 
Bold graphic flowers. Love it.

I sewed the top in one weekend. Once I start 
something I keep going until it's done or I mess it up, whichever comes first. Once that was done I picked a cute pink (of course) paisley for the back and then I hit a road block. I HATE doing the machine quilting. I can never get it right. I called a quilt shop and they knew
 of some people that take in work and would be willing to quilt the top. 
Except I was running out of time, so I took a deep breath and did it myself. I kept it nice and easy and just did basic straight quilting lines. Once that was done all I had left was the binding, which is wicked easy now that I *understand* what the heck I am doing.
I managed to get it done with about one day to spare. 

It ended up being a crib size quilt and it was a birthday gift for my niece Myra.