Wednesday, December 16, 2009


A great deal of my Christmas presents this year have been handmade. One because I loathe shopping in the month of December and two because we are watching our budget. Budget has become somewhat of a dreaded word around these parts.

So yes, handmade. I am always unsure of how my gifts will be accepted.

These are no exception.
I made doggie silhouettes for Grandma and Grandpa. Drake is on the left and Godiva on the right. Godiva was harder than Drake, she is a yorkie pup - can you tell ?

Grandma and Grandpa love their dogs and I wanted something special to show that.

This project did not cost too much. I got the frames at Michael's, buy one and get one free. Then I found some profile photos of the dogs that I enlarged to 5x7 and the cardstock and paper was already in my stash.

It's my hope that these gifts will make Grandma and Grandpa smile when they open them.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

BDU Christmas

SSSSssshhhhh ! Don't tell. but I finished this quilt and it's going under the Christmas tree for Ryan. I think this one might very well be one of my favorites from this year.
I made it using some of Ryan's old BDU's and K-9 t-shirts.
It's not a ginormous quilt. I think I made it more for display than anything else, although any of the boys are free to use it if they want. Using the stretchy fabric from the t-shirts was a little challenge, but I managed.
The hardest part was the binding. Once you double over the BDU material it becomes very thick. I should have taken that into account (but of course I didn't....) I just went slow on my machine and it came out okay.
One more project done. Right now there is only one quilt left and I am hoping to get to it soon.