Saturday, May 21, 2011

addicted to rainbows.

Rainbow string quilt in progress.
Rainbow strip quilt in progress.

the purple people eater quilt

Thursday, April 28, 2011

really, really !

Anyone remember when I blogged about a certain someone's pinwheel quilt ?

Imagine my surprise when I opened a package one rainy and cold morning, and this bright, happy, perfect pinwheel quilt tumbled out.

I bawled like a baby as I unfolded it and wrapped it around my shoulders. Sure I was crying because it was awesome like a cargo containment device, but more importantly it was because a friend knew how much I needed something beautiful in my life at that time, and she gifted it to me.

I'm not sure quite how to thank her, so that she really knows how much it means to me. Like, really, really.

Funnily enough, I'm not the only one who has taken a shine to the pinwheel of awesomeness.

Silent Auction Quilt II

This quilt is pretty straightforward. I wanted to send another quilt in to the silent auction, but I was in a bit of a time crunch.

Patchwork quilts are easy and fast for me, even faster because I actually had these strips of fabric sewn and hanging in my closet for a future project. It was just a matter of arranging them into a patchwork and sewing them together.

I added the jumbo multi colored polka dot (LOVE !) and the matching multi-colored stripe fabric (LOVE !) and we have another toddler sized quilt. I hope it brings much needed funds at the silent auction for sweet little Lanie.

Silent Auction for Delanie Doran

Zig-Zag OR Zag-Zig ?

Zig-Zags have been on my to-do-list for awhile now. I figured now was better than never. This quilt was made for a silent auction, and I wanted to send something different (for me) in to be auctioned off.

Again, my husband rallied for squiggles. I wanted straight lines (that matched the zig in the zag)
The squiggles won.

I love the front. I plan on doing zig-zags again in the future.

The back I am iffy about. The fabric was cute, but the pattern started getting lopsided and I did not have enough yardage to correct it. It looks crooked, I swear its not !

This one is toddler sized. I wanted to keep it, but it's going off for a great cause :

ROYGBI - minus the V

This was my inspiration. ROYGBI - minus the V.

I love the splash of color in with the grey. You know I love me some grey.

I was going to straight line quilt this, but my husband strongly recommended that I do the "squiggles" - his term. So I did. Yes I did. He was right. Don't let him know that, but he was right.

I love the back. Those little squares of color. Love.

Almost as much as I love the binding. First off, I LOVE a combination of grey and yellow. That right there makes me swoon. Add a little bit of ROYGBI-minus the V and I am done.

Stick a fork in me.

My intentions were to sell this one, but you can forget that. It lives with me now and forever.


Wonky Log Cabin Picnic Blanket

That was kind of a mouthful, huh ?

My husband went away to attend a school for a few weeks and I needed a project that would keep my busy and occupied. This one did the trick.

I used almost all scraps, if I remember correctly each block was 15"x15", added the white sashing to break up all that color.

I quilted it using my free motion foot and made semi straight lines with uneven widths. I wanted this quilt to look loved and a little "messy". It's going to get a lot of use this summer.

It's a toss up as to whether I love the front or the back more. I am leaning towards the back ! Love this fabric from Ikea. In fact I was just there and bought three more yards (in additional to the yard and a half, tucked away in my fabric collection. )

This one is a keeper. It's coming to Maine with us this summer.

cats RULE, dogs DROOL !

Kegan found this bright and silly fat quarter bundle at Walmart awhile back. It reminded me of the FQ bundle I did with the dog prints.

Orange isn't usually my "thing" and trust me, there is a lot of orange in this quilt.

I think the white sashing helps balance it out and even things up a little bit. Quilted it with a tight stipple pattern.

I used up the entire fabric bundle, made sure to finish it off with a pieced back, and a cute orange striped fabric from my stash.

It is baby/toddler sized and is for sale. Contact me if interested. MEOW !

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Patchwork

This was just a random quilt. I was experimenting with colors.
More patchwork.
Quilted with a meander stitch.
Pieced back. I almost like the back more than the front.
It's for sale too ! Contact me if interested.

The Duplicate Quilt [twin sized]

Next up is this monstrosity. The duplicate quilt. That's what I like to call it.

I ate an absurd amount of gummi bears while piecing it.

Mostly because it took 384 four inch squares. THREE HUNDRED and EIGHTY FOUR.

Totally worth every little square.
Originally I had planned on straight line quilting it, just like the original version, but I kept getting these horrible puckers, I got so pissed off, I ripped out 10 lines of quilting and then decided to quilt it in the meander pattern. Then my top thread kept breaking and I was at my breaking point, when I rushed to Joann's and the nice woman there gently suggested that I adjust my tension.

Sometimes I really think I have no idea what I am doing. None.

Baby Clothes Quilt !

I have really been forgetting to post info on finished projects. Like this one. The baby clothes quilt. This project was HUGE for me. I was petrified to start it, got a smidge of baby fever while putting it together, and was really excited once it was done.
I kept the quilting on this simple, just straight line. Even with the interfacing on the fabric there was still quite a few pieces that had extra stretch, which made for a few puckers here and there.
Look at how big my babies are. It breaks my heart I tell you !

Thursday, February 10, 2011

[ smells like a nerd ]

You know what ? Pillows covers are lame.

This quilt makes me think of Spring Summer. I won't tell you who made it, only that she smells like a NERD and I am in awe of her patience. I know I couldn't handle a pinwheel quilt.

Since I didn't mention her by name, she can't get mad at me for posting this here.

Right ? Right ?

I "volunteered" to free motion quilt it for her, what she doesn't know is that I was going to keep it for myself. She declined. Good for her. Bad for me.

[ early Spring ]

The Groundhog declared it would be an early Spring. I am compelled by some unknown force to make new pillows. Technically ('cause I roll like that) they are just pillow covers. You know, with envelope closures on the back.

I would tell myself to get a new hobby, but uh, this is it.


Friday, January 21, 2011

[ twin quilts ]

I rarely say this, so take it for what it's worth, but I love this boy quilt. The blues, the greens, the stripes, the frogs ! After I took these photos (yes in my bathroom....) I realized that I had a blooper on the cupcake quilt. Not a real blooper, but in the top right corner I saw that the two green polka dot squares were too close for my liking. That's what happens when you hurry.

I was hurrying because I wanted the quilts to get there by Friday, as in today.

I mentioned that it was one of Ryan's old troops having twins, he and his wife. She is due any minute and the c-section is scheduled for February 7th. Daddy is leaving tomorrow for a deployment. He is going to miss the birth of his two babies and at least the first 6 months.

Now you see why I was in a hurry ? UPS is scheduled to deliver the quilts today. I hope the gift brings even the smallest of smiles during such a difficult time.

Each quilt was a 48" square. The frog one had a green polka dot backing, and the cupcake had a purple backing. Each was quilted with the meander pattern.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Farmhouse Bed

I have never built a piece of furniture in my life. My experience in woodworking is/was limited to the one semester of shop class that I took in high school. I think I made a birdhouse, or a box. Obviously nothing that left a lasting impression.

Until now.

Once I get an idea in my head, I have to do it, or at least attempt to do it. The Farmhouse bed was no exception. I found the plans from Knock off Wood. awhile ago and it got mentally filed away for future use. Gavin had a second hand bed that we bought, but it wasn't holding up to my expectations and that's when the light bulb went off above me head.

Build a bed and he shall sleep in it. ( Sometimes )

So we bought the wood, rented the saw and got busy. I hammered. I glued. I sanded. I painted. I stained and then I sat back and enjoyed my determination.

You are looking at a 100% solid wood twin size bed, completely built by myself and my husband. I built a bed. A BED ! How about that Mr. Shop Class teacher ! Ha !

The plans from Knock off Wood were very easy to read and understand. The bed went together in just two days ( we got a late start on day one ) then it took me an additional day to paint and stain, and one more day to assemble and stain the bed rails.

I built a bed !