Saturday, August 21, 2010

bright and happy squares

Believe it or not the blocks in this quilt were done a long, long time ago (maybe more than a year ?) I can't remember the initial "vision" for them, but in any case I pulled them back out, made a few more and put them all together and, voila !
I love the fabric in the middle of each wonky square. It's this cute birdie fabric, with little trees and it's just cute ! So I decided to piece the back using colors from the front and of course the cute birdie and tree fabric.
I really like how bright and happy this quilt is, also the fact that it's pretty gender happy. I know I tend to lean towards "girlie" quilts and I am trying to broaden my quilting range (so to speak). Anyway, the finished size of this quilt came out to be 41.5 inches by 41.5 inches. A perfect square.

It's also for sale, contact me if interested !