Sunday, February 27, 2011

Random Patchwork

This was just a random quilt. I was experimenting with colors.
More patchwork.
Quilted with a meander stitch.
Pieced back. I almost like the back more than the front.
It's for sale too ! Contact me if interested.

The Duplicate Quilt [twin sized]

Next up is this monstrosity. The duplicate quilt. That's what I like to call it.

I ate an absurd amount of gummi bears while piecing it.

Mostly because it took 384 four inch squares. THREE HUNDRED and EIGHTY FOUR.

Totally worth every little square.
Originally I had planned on straight line quilting it, just like the original version, but I kept getting these horrible puckers, I got so pissed off, I ripped out 10 lines of quilting and then decided to quilt it in the meander pattern. Then my top thread kept breaking and I was at my breaking point, when I rushed to Joann's and the nice woman there gently suggested that I adjust my tension.

Sometimes I really think I have no idea what I am doing. None.

Baby Clothes Quilt !

I have really been forgetting to post info on finished projects. Like this one. The baby clothes quilt. This project was HUGE for me. I was petrified to start it, got a smidge of baby fever while putting it together, and was really excited once it was done.
I kept the quilting on this simple, just straight line. Even with the interfacing on the fabric there was still quite a few pieces that had extra stretch, which made for a few puckers here and there.
Look at how big my babies are. It breaks my heart I tell you !

Thursday, February 10, 2011

[ smells like a nerd ]

You know what ? Pillows covers are lame.

This quilt makes me think of Spring Summer. I won't tell you who made it, only that she smells like a NERD and I am in awe of her patience. I know I couldn't handle a pinwheel quilt.

Since I didn't mention her by name, she can't get mad at me for posting this here.

Right ? Right ?

I "volunteered" to free motion quilt it for her, what she doesn't know is that I was going to keep it for myself. She declined. Good for her. Bad for me.

[ early Spring ]

The Groundhog declared it would be an early Spring. I am compelled by some unknown force to make new pillows. Technically ('cause I roll like that) they are just pillow covers. You know, with envelope closures on the back.

I would tell myself to get a new hobby, but uh, this is it.