Saturday, June 9, 2012

Welcome back !

I think a year off is good enough, don't you ?

2012 has already been a busy and productive year in terms of quilting and sewing.

 I made R2D2 at the beginning of the year. I based the design off a cross stitch pattern that I found online. I think each square was cut to 3". The finished quilt ended up being much larger than I had anticipated. We love Star Wars in this house, so this won't be the last quilt from the dark side.

 I also jumped on the bandwagon and did the Granny Square thing. I used the Picnic/Fairground fabric line from DS, all purchased at Joann's. The back of the quilt was made from a vintage cotton sheet. This quilt lives in Maine with my BFF.

 This next quilt, is by far my favorite (although we are ONLY 1/2 way through the year...) I splurged and grabbed a triangle template with a coupon from Joann's. I based this quilt off something that I had saved on Pinterest.

I love the back just as much as the front. The IKEA house fabric ? It was the last of my stash and I could literally cry just thinking that there is no more to be had. This is Gavin's new quilt. It's twin sized and we use it ALL THE TIME (as it should be, with quilts...)

There are more quilts that eventually I will get around to posting and talking about.

Plus some new tricks that I learned to make my machine work better.