Monday, October 28, 2013

superstars !

 These were special wall hangings that I made for my youngest sons, two kindergarten teachers.
 Two teachers who are indeed superstars.
 I enlisted the help of a friend who embroidered each name and date.
 I made corner pockets so that they could be hung on the wall, and made sure my son signed each one.
 It was a fun way to recognize each teacher in a fun and different way.

Vintage baby quilt

 This quilt. I love it.
 The fabric is actually vintage linen. Super soft vintage sheets that I have collected over the months and years.
 I kept the blocks simple, so that that fabric would stand out.
It was quilted with a loose meander and backed with a vintage sheet. The finished size is : 29 inches by 34 inches.

flock of flying geese, a baby quilt

 The birthday pillow started the flock of flying geese baby quilt.
 Pinterest is my go-to for ideas. Lately I have been stuck on flying geese blocks.
 I tried a few awhile ago and it was nothing short of a disaster. This was my second attempt and things went much better.
 I tried to use mostly scraps for the geese, paired with white/grey/muted colors.
I splurged on the back. Purple chevron. I quilted across the quilt with a simple loop-de-loop pattern.

I have it listed for sale, but I am really thinking I need to hang on to this one.

PTO donation quilt

 This was a fun baby quilt. I used some hourglass blocks (really big on them right now)
 I even did my first ever mitred corner on the sashing. It went okay. I like the look for sure.
This baby quilt was donated to my local elementary school's PTO organization. They held a silent auction recently and I am glad that I could help them raise money for the school and the kids.

The finished size was 30.5 inches by 35.5 inches.

Leo's Quilt

 I had a hard time giving this quilt up. It's one of my favorite by far and luckily enough it's for my newest nephew, so I will see it again soon.
 Triangles ? LOVE THEM. The colors ? LOVE THEM. Striped binding ? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.
 I even quilted sweet baby Leo's name into the top of the quilt. Can you see it ?
I based this baby quilt off of a quilt that I saw from a fellow blogger. So much inspiration out there.

Red Sox Quilt # 1

 I guess it would help if I had actually posted about the first Red Sox Quilt. I thought that I had.
 I made the very first one for my husband. Huge Red Sox fan.
 I used the flannel on the back and it makes for an awesome weighted quilt. Heavy, but soft and warm. We love it, and it's usually the first one we grab in the winter.
My favorite square is that green Wally. It came from a toddler shirt that my youngest wore when he was little. I don't remember the finished size off the top of my head. It's a pretty big oversized lap quilt.

Red Sox Quilt # 2

 I have to admit that I really love these t-shirt quilts. This is # 3. They do take extra time. Between cutting, adding the stabilizer, figuring out the design, finally sewing, sewing and sewing, finally quilting. It's a lot of time.
 The very best part is when you throw it in the wash and it comes out of the dryer, super crinkly and super, super soft (love those old thrifted t-shirts)
 Just the best quilt ever. With the first one that I made I used a flannel back, which is awesome, for the weight and the softness and the warmth. This time around I used a shirting material. Think plaid, nerdy, pocket shirt. Business casual ?
 Even better. It gave a nice, crisp, lightweight back to this quilt. Perfect for a summer picnic, or a cool summer night watching the game on the bleachers ?
The finished size was around 57 inches by 57 inches. All the shirts were thrifted from either Goodwill or Salvation Army. Another favorite for sure. It sold super fast. HOME RUN !