Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a partial string quilt

This is another sewing technique I have been wanting to try.
Paper piecing. Essentially you cut some paper (I used regular copy paper) and you then sew your fabric directly onto the paper and it acts as a stabilizer.
To make this string quilt, I had to use small strips of fabric (anywhere from an inch to two inches thick) sewn together, the paper makes it easier. After you get all the fabric sewn on, you flip the paper over to the "wrong" side, trim off the excess fabric and then you peel away the paper.
Theoretically the paper should be perforated from the needle of the sewing machine and fairly easy to tear off. Of course that did not happen for me. I think if I had used stitches that were closer together that might have been the case.

Instead I used some seldom used curse words, slivers of torn paper everywhere and eventually dug out some tweezers to pull out the small scraps.

Each block ended up being 8 inches in size, and I made 12 blocks total. I was going to make a quilt, but I am debating on whether to make a wall hanging for my youngest sons room.

Monday, July 26, 2010

sweet and sassy

I based this next quilt on a pack of jelly bracelets that Gavin picked out for me while we were on vacation. I looked down at them all stacked on my arm and I thought " I should make a patchwork quilt using these colors."
This is it.
It's sweet and sassy.
It's the exact same size as the patchwork quilt I made for Kegan a few months ago.
It is available for sale, contact me for more info.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

a tall glass of raspberry lemonade

I really enjoyed making this quilt. I love the haphazardness of the colors and patterns on the front.
I love the fact that the quilting on each one is unique and I love the lines, love them.
Having said that, I am not a huge fan of the back. I think it's the fact that there is so little quilting on the back. It looks so plain ? Maybe ?

Because each block is quilted prior to being put together, once they are sewn together and you add the backing, you end up stitching in the ditch around each 12" square and that's it. So while it gets the job done, it doesn't do much for me in the way of design.

It's a little quilt. 44 inches by 33.5 inches if I remember correctly. I did not want to go overboard the first time trying "quilt-as-you-go". It was fun putting it together and something I will definitely try again.

In case you are wondering, it is for sale. Contact me if interested.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

quilting as I go...and go...and go....

I have seen this quilting technique called quilting as you go, over at Sew Take a Hike. It's been on my long list of things to do. I figured what better time than during summer vacation. Having the boys under foot isn't conducive during my quilting time, but doing quilting as you go makes it a whole lot easier to just stop and go.

First I cut 12 inch squares from batting (actually they are slightly larger and then after I sew on my fabric I cut the batting down to an exact 12 inch square.) Then I just randomly grab whatever fabric I feel like and sew away.

I am a little nervous to join the blocks together, but the tutorial on Sew Take a Hike is pretty straightforward, so I figure it can't be that hard.

Famous last words right ?