Wednesday, April 16, 2008

no-name quilt

My newest work-in-progress. No name quilt. I think it looks like a Max maybe ? I don't know anyone named Max so it's a stretch.

This is what it started as, just some fabrics that I knew I wanted to use. I cut them all out in my usual shape (square, always square) and then started to play. I wanted it to be random, but it just wasn't working.

This is what I came up with. I am sure there is an official name for this type of pattern. I am too lazy to find it though. 

The top is almost all done. See the white boring fabric ? Well I ran out (I was using the left-overs from Myra's quilt) it's something that Joann's carries all the time, huge bolts of it sitting there never being used. I went in today to grab a yard or two and go figure there was none.

I will wait a few days and check again. No hurry. I don't know what I am going for the back anyway so that gives me time to think about it.

My next quilt is going to be different for me. I already have the idea brewing in my noggin. 


cat said...

I think Max is perfect for it... Phoenix has a friend named Max :)

M said...

All I think about when I hear Max is that show, is it Max and Ruby ? The rabbits with no parents ?

The top is done. I just need to post new pictures.

cat said...

lol, yes max and ruby- the rabbits with no parents! that was one of griffins favorites a very long time ago :) how on earth do you have time to make these??

M said...

Usually when Gavin is napping, sometimes when he will play quietly by himself.

Of course weekends are easier when Ryan is home and the boys all watch basketball together...

I love doing it, so I make the time.