Thursday, July 10, 2008

something new

Sometimes I get a wild hair across my ass and I just have to do something.

Ask yourself why a mom of two boys would buy all this ribbon and all these "bare naked" hair clips. Why to make bows of course.


The cast of characters: Ribbon (American crafts) 1/4" dowel rods, cut down to 6". Clothespins. Hair-clips. Not pictured are the pans, the hot glue gun and my burnt fingers.

Wind the ribbon around the dowels, securing at the ends with clothespins.

Place them all on the baking sheets. (lined with foil just in case they erupt into flames)

Bake in the oven at 250 for 30 minutes. Check to make sure there are no flames (kidding)

They come out nicely curled and looking like pretty noodles.

Next up thread (I ended up using dental floss actually) and some nail polish to seal the ends from fraying. You know how rough little girls are with their hair bows. Tie them up nice and tight and "fluff" the ribbon a little. 

Plug in the glue gun, walk away, come back and curse when the melted glue is dripping onto the kitchen counter. 

I glued a strip of matching ribbon onto the actual hair-clip first, along with my index finger.

Then I placed a HUGE glob of hot glue on the underneath of the bow (they call it a "korker bow but I dont like how that sounds) and then hurry and jam the bow onto the fabric covered clip and hope none of the hot glue oozes onto your fingers again.

Stand back and enjoy the girly-ness of the whole project.


Breeze said...

dude, all these quilts are beautiful! What the heck are you doing with all of them?

Jenny B said...

Very you need my new address?? :)

Cat said...

So I hadn't looked at this blog in awhile.... I love it all!! Phoenix DESPERATELY needs some hair bows *wink wink* but she only has about a dozen long hairs on top and I've been searching for some hair thingies that have velcro instead of clips, do you know what I'm talking about?? ;P

M said...

No velcro, but some hair clips come with "grippies" that stop the hair clip from falling out or sliding around.

I am still trying to figure out how to attach these bows and my other hair clips, so that they are on there strong and don't fall off.

Work in progress :)