Sunday, October 12, 2008

crayon rolls

I have been looking at these crayon rolls on etsy for awhile now.

I looked around and found an easy tutorial on chocolate on my cranium blog.

So I made one for my niece in South Carolina, who is celebrating her 2nd birthday today.

Then Kegan took a look and decided he too wanted one. I knew I had all that extra expensive baseball fabric for a reason.

So I made him one, very "boyish" with the baseballs and the navy blue star fabric. Kegan specified exactly what crayons he wanted in there and the particular order.

These were really easy to make. I don't think I had the right interfacing though. According to the directions it should have ironed onto the fabric, but the interfacing I had was very heavy and thick and I had to pin it in place.

Still super easy.

Good idea for stocking stuffers, no ?


cat said...

I bought one like these a couple of years ago for alicia and paid a lot for it ;P I love yours much more :)

kellie said...

dude! you did not need a tutorial for that!!!!!

M said...

Oh yes I did :)

Thanks Cat !