Saturday, August 1, 2009

[ orange you glad I finished this ? ]

Bonus points if you remember this quilt. Anyone ? If you said last October, you would be right. I had intentions of making quilts for my twin niece and nephew on their 1st birthday's (which was last March) The top to Aria's got finished, but the one for Chase just sat and sat.

To say I struggled with this one would be an understatement. I would play with the arrangement, then move everything around again, then I would get mad and shove all the pieces into the closet for a few more weeks, months, what have you.

Well I have been slowly working through my to-do pile and this one was in it. So I sewed up the top, quilted it, and called it good.

The strange thing ? I love it, absolutely love it. Something about how it looks a hundred times better when it's all together. I could not see it in my mind, but I took a chance and forged ahead. It's a perfect square, 52" by 52". The orange looks really bright and annoying in the pictures, but trust me it works.

Now I just need to quilt and bind Aria's quilt.

My to-do list is getting smaller and smaller (but I have something wicked cool lined up when everything is done...)