Sunday, October 25, 2009

First ever quilt giveaway - 2009 edition.

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The give away has ended, the winner will be announced later this afternoon.

Finally !

This "surprise" has been in the works for a few weeks now, and I have been really excited and trying really hard not to spill the secret too soon.

Now that we are all moved into our new home, I figured what better time for my first ever quilt giveaway.

Up for grabs is this really wonky, really pink, really fun block quilt. Each block is unique in the fact that it's off kilter, and completely different from any other block. Go ahead, look ! No two blocks are the same. Different can be good.

The quilting was done by super talented Lisa Stallings, of Lisa's Creative Quilting Studio here in Felton, Delaware.

The top was made entirely from fabric scraps of different projects. The back was made from a fabulous Ralph Lauren flat sheet. Quality thread count right there folks !

The finished size of the quilt is 54 inches by 67 inches . All the materials are 100% cotton, and the batting is warm and natural, the best of the best.

You like it ? Here are your chances to WIN IT !

Yes, I yelled. I am excited !

In fact, I am even more excited, because I am offering THREE separate ways to win the quilt.

You ready ?
First off, you can enter on my Facebook* page by leaving your comment in the comment section of the quilt giveway note.

Second, you can leave a comment on my family blog,Blogged by M in the comment section of the quilt give away post.

Thirdly, you can leave a comment on my sewing blog Oh' Brother !, in the comment section of the quilt give away post.

You can enter ONCE on each of the THREE separate web pages, however, each of your comments (entries) must be different. Again with the whole different thing.

I like individuality.

Each comment must be something wonky, weird, or just plain different, that either happened to you, something about you, or something you once did. Each of the three entries (if you so choose to enter three times) must be different.

Clear as mud ?

Make sure you leave your name, or a means to identify you. No anonymous entries.

'Fess up to your weirdness.
The contest will run for one week only. Sunday October 25th 2009 to Sunday November 1st 2009.

I will announce the winner on Monday, November 2nd (also happends to be my 10 year anniversary). The winner will be picked by a random drawing, not by how wild and crazy your entries were (although the wild and crazier the better, I love a good laugh.)

I will not respond to any questions in the comments section of the blog or of this note, if you need a question answered feel free to message me through Facebook, or my personal e-mail.

The giveaway is open to anyone, male, female, young and old.

On your mark, get set, GO !

* Although Facebook is listed as a means of entering the quilt giveaway I will NOT accept friend requests from people that I do NOT know, just based on gaining an additional entry. Sorry. I like weird, but not THAT weird.


CRAIG and DIANE said...

How's this for wierd or wacky, I know most people thought it was at the time. I met my husband on line and married him 3 weeks later. We'll be celebrating our 9th anniversary in a few months and couldn't be happier! The quilt is gorgeous!

Shirlee D said...

So in a 3rd and final attempt to win your quilt I will tell you how weird I was made. I have hips that ?I can pop out of socket, crooked pinkies (made that way,not broken) and extra bones on the back of my heels that make wearing heels or high tops absolutely torturous! Mike likes to remind me that is wear they really screwed up because devil horns are suppose to be on the top of my head not the back of my feet! :)
ps...I forgot to tell you that I have a light colored birthmark on my butt cheek too!

Scott Heinz said...

Is wonder woman depicted somewhere on the quilt? If not, I'm not interested...

J. Rogers said...

Damn, this Shirlee D and me have a few things in common. I also have a light colored birthmark on my butt cheek. But, (no pun intended) I bet she's not as weird as me, do you have hair on your butt cheeks too Shirlee D? I bet not, beat ya!

Sue Cahill said...

Such a lovely quilt, how can you give it away???

I have always thought it was wierd that I am a descendant of the last passenger to get off the Mayflower and I am descended from several people who were convicted of witchcraft in the Salem trials and the wife of Tom Thumb, the circus oddity.

I suppose any of could find some wacky and wierd ancestors, I was just lucky enough to have a grandfather with two much time on his hands to follow the family tree back to the 1400's.

Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

M said...

More freaks !

Great comments, love 'em !

Dorothy said...

I'm sure how weird this is but it may gross people out.. I like to pop, pick, squeeze, and scratch pimples and black heads.. Not just on myself but on my husband and kids as well.... If I see it I have this urge to pick at it... If I know it's there I become obsessed until I get my fingers on it....

amydee said...

ME too, Dorothy....I love to pick and pop anything. I hold Lauren down on th efloor to pop all the had zits on her upper arm and she'll cry and scream, but I love it...I crave it...and when the doctors I type for describe in detail how they perform an incision and drainage and they describe the smell and the matter that comes out of it....makes me wish I was right there watchin'!

M said...

Good thing I wasn't eating when I read the two of your comments Amy and Dorothy !

Catherine said...

OMG Amy and Dorothy!!!! I do the same thing..... my husband will be happy to hear others do this and I'm not the only one who does this freakish thing :0

Dorothy said...

oh so glad I am not the only one!!!!!

Sandra said...

My Hunny Bunny shouldn't just win this quilt, she should have it hand delivered by the maker! A touch of feminine to offset the sights, smells, and daily adventure of 6 to 7 boys, yes the human and canine types, is partially what she needs. She needs her bestest, coffee drinking, Ikea shoppin, pool goin to friend to share the love that went into making this beautiful quilt. OK...and now I made her cry...M...we need you!!!

M said...

Sandra and I sure did have some fun times.

The horrific attempt to attend the Grand Opening of Ikea, with a bunch of boys in the back of the truck, moaning and crying the entire time, might have been my all time favorite !

Geez, you did make me cry, you big bully !

M said...

*******COMMENTS CLOSED********