Friday, January 21, 2011

[ twin quilts ]

I rarely say this, so take it for what it's worth, but I love this boy quilt. The blues, the greens, the stripes, the frogs ! After I took these photos (yes in my bathroom....) I realized that I had a blooper on the cupcake quilt. Not a real blooper, but in the top right corner I saw that the two green polka dot squares were too close for my liking. That's what happens when you hurry.

I was hurrying because I wanted the quilts to get there by Friday, as in today.

I mentioned that it was one of Ryan's old troops having twins, he and his wife. She is due any minute and the c-section is scheduled for February 7th. Daddy is leaving tomorrow for a deployment. He is going to miss the birth of his two babies and at least the first 6 months.

Now you see why I was in a hurry ? UPS is scheduled to deliver the quilts today. I hope the gift brings even the smallest of smiles during such a difficult time.

Each quilt was a 48" square. The frog one had a green polka dot backing, and the cupcake had a purple backing. Each was quilted with the meander pattern.


Jess said...

Oh my, how sad that the dad will miss the birth of his babies...and the poor mom ! TWO babies, recovering from a c-section. Oy vey !! I hope she has family close.

I'm sure the quilts will be loved...they're adorable !

On a completely different topic. I am so proud of myself, yet at the same time feel like an idiot !!I just figured it out. (The READING LIST that is)...GENIUS, pure genius ! I always thought there must be some way to be notified of a new blog post. But for what it's worth I probably have helped boost the ego of a lot of bloggers out there w/ the amount of "hits."