Thursday, August 28, 2008

brown, pink and polka dots !

Haven't been able to sneak some time for sewing lately. I have a bunch of stuff on my "to do list" three quilts that I need to send off to be quilted and one work in progress that I am not sure what I want to do with yet.

Plus I have about a dozen ideas bouncing around inside my head. All that stuff makes me not want to sew.

Go figure.

Anyway. I wanted to share one of my more embarrassing quilts.

This one I made last summer. I was in love with the colors, pink, brown and the polka dots ! Stupid me thought triangles would be a piece of cake. Everything was going good but then I messed up the pattern (can you find it ?) I didn't even notice it until the blanket was  done !

This one resides hidden in the closet.

It was a learning experience.


cat said...

I still like it ;) Pink and Brown are the colors we're going to use to do Phoenix's room when we finish the addition and shift everyone into their own bedroom... in like a year, lol!

breeze not kellie said...

that's my favorite one so far. a bookstore near me is going out of business and has a million quilting books for cheap, want me to grab you a couple?

M said...

Thanks, and thanks :)

Jenny B said...

OMG I have the same pillow - Kohls?? :)

M said...

Better ! Target !