Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's LOUD !

This quilt started off strange. I had this vintage type flower fabric that I scored at Joann's a long time ago. It was 1/2 the clearance price (which was 40% off the original price.) I think I bought 5-6 yards. I also grabbed the green coordinating fabric at the same time. Anyway.

So I had a butt load of this fabric and no idea what to do with it. I scooped up some fat quarters in the pink and orange and I had the striped fabric already hanging around.

I started cutting and randomly piecing together and this it what happened. It's loud and in your face. Once again faced with the dread of trying to quilt it on my machine I searched out someone else to quilt it for me. Her name is Susan Scott and she works miracles. 

It took about two weeks (if that) after I dropped it off. She did what's called a meander pattern and it's cool. She even gave it back to me in my very own embroidered bag. The price was reasonable too. Given the fact that I didn't have to do it, it was very reasonable.

Once I got it back all I had to do was the binding.  In another act of unselfishness I decided to hand sewing the binding.

I was thinking it would take me days and days to hand sew the back. I had to get the slip stitch down first, once I did that I started the stitching yesterday afternoon and finished this morning. It looks much better than if I had down it on the machine.

The finish size is 50" x 70". Big enough to snuggle in and small enough not to overwhelm you.

I thought this quilt was for me, but I think now I am saving it for a very special baby girl that is due in December.