Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh well !

This was another attempt at doing quilt-as-you-go. This quilt was meant to be twin sized, but it didn't quite make it all the way there. I am pretty sure that I am getting close to "taking a break" on quilting, this one might have done me in.
I was happily sewing along for awhile and then I started to get anxious over getting it finished. I calculated how many more blocks I would need for it to be twin sized and right then and there changed my mind.
Then to add insult to injury I had a hellish time trying to add the backing. In fact my second attempt was so bad I just ripped all the stitching out and tied the quilt. Which made me even more frustrated. In fact I was racing just to get this one done, so I could stop looking at it all the time.
It was going to be for sale, but then due to my loss of patience with the finishing I decided to keep it and I threw it on the end of Gavin's bed.
Oh well.