Thursday, December 30, 2010

[ purple ]

Look what I found last week.

It's a skirt and I found it at Goodwill. The fabric jumped out at me mashed in between all the clothes and I dug it out.

It's a size 18, which is a little large for me. No bother, I didn't plan on wearing it anyway.

I am just going to attack it with my scissors and rotary cutter.

Purple is not on my list of comfortable colors. I like it plenty, I just can't seem to use it to my liking (although, my friend Jessica did this FABULOUS string quilt using purples, can I post a picture of your quilt Jess ? )

Purple. I like saying the word.

I like that this fabric/skirt has a touch of green and robin egg blue to offset the purple. I keep looking at it. I want to cut into it, I just don't know what to do with it yet.

Purple, purple, purple...


Jess said...

I think you should sew yourself a vest ! Bahahahah ;) Just kidding.

It is a great find. I tend to gravitate towards fabrics w/ a floral print.

Fabulous?! I think you're being a bit generous w/ your description of my quilt. Thank you none the less though. Of course you can post a picture.

Makes me think I need to pull said quilt out and finish it. Do you think I should make it bigger? I do have more blocks already made but at the time I was so sick of purple I decided to stop there.

I like purple because it makes me think of Grape Hubba Bubba :) which makes me think of grape Nerds...and grape soda...and grape Sweettarts...and Sprees...Yum !

Dorothy said...

Purple is one of my favorite colors and I tend to gravitate to it.. I even have a deep purple bathroom that I love....