Thursday, April 28, 2011

really, really !

Anyone remember when I blogged about a certain someone's pinwheel quilt ?

Imagine my surprise when I opened a package one rainy and cold morning, and this bright, happy, perfect pinwheel quilt tumbled out.

I bawled like a baby as I unfolded it and wrapped it around my shoulders. Sure I was crying because it was awesome like a cargo containment device, but more importantly it was because a friend knew how much I needed something beautiful in my life at that time, and she gifted it to me.

I'm not sure quite how to thank her, so that she really knows how much it means to me. Like, really, really.

Funnily enough, I'm not the only one who has taken a shine to the pinwheel of awesomeness.


Jess said...

Jeez you BW (think license plate)...the fact that you called me clued me in to just how much you appreciated it...and was all the thanks I needed.

This post is a pretty good runner up though !!

I knew the quilt was going to be yours as soon as you commented on it. It's the only reason I pushed through piecing that damn back.

I was nervous to send it because it has so many imperfections. I just kept telling myself that it gives the quilt character.

I love that G-man approves !!

Dorothy said...

awww so sweet!! I love it!!! <3