Thursday, April 28, 2011

Zig-Zag OR Zag-Zig ?

Zig-Zags have been on my to-do-list for awhile now. I figured now was better than never. This quilt was made for a silent auction, and I wanted to send something different (for me) in to be auctioned off.

Again, my husband rallied for squiggles. I wanted straight lines (that matched the zig in the zag)
The squiggles won.

I love the front. I plan on doing zig-zags again in the future.

The back I am iffy about. The fabric was cute, but the pattern started getting lopsided and I did not have enough yardage to correct it. It looks crooked, I swear its not !

This one is toddler sized. I wanted to keep it, but it's going off for a great cause :


Jess said...

Crookedness = character

It just dawned on me that the zig-zag I had thought about doing uses HST's. Must look into this more.

Looks great !!

(Personally, I think that green stip of zig-zags is awesome ;)

M said...

I found this tutorial from CMQ, it was on a different site though, she was like a guest over there.

I will find it again and get it to you, very easy !

M said...

I had it bookmarked, even better.