Thursday, January 7, 2010

[ for Grandma ]

Grandma's quilt is completely finished !
The binding and backing match. Really cool green paisley fabric. It was a perfect match for the fabrics on the front.
The finished size is an even 50" by 50". I hope my Grandma loves it as much as I loved making it for her !


J. Rogers said...

Oooo, it's so pretty! I got all silly w/ excitement when I read you got a new machine! I'm jealous! Someday, I'll upgrade to something a bit more elaborate than the Walmart Brother machine I have...but it's all good, it does the basics. Anyhoo, love the quilt, I'm sure your grandmother will love it too!

*Side note: I'm so sad that Crazy Mom Quilts is no longer! I really enjoyed reading it...cause I'm a nerd like that!

M said...

Jess -

Before I got this fancy new quilting machine ( Thanks again Mom ! ) I was doing all my quilts on my 10 year old Brother sewing machine from Walmart !

In fact, I am keeping my brother and using it to piece all my tops and to sew my binding on !

I gasped out loud when I read crazymom quilts post. Ryan came in from the other room to ask what was wrong. That was so unexpected and I am also quite sad that she won't be posting anymore !

M said...

Side note:

I use exclamation points too much.