Friday, January 8, 2010

[snow day]

We were stuck inside with a snow day today. I had this idea scribbled down in my idea book for awhile now.

I do other things beside just quilt. Once and awhile. Like dig out all the broken crayons from the pile, diligently peel the wrappers off and then anal retentively separate them all into colors.
I really did not feel like firing up the ole' oven for such a short project, so to start with I soften the crayons up with my hair dryer. Then my hand got tired of holding it and I moved over to the microwave.
I was a wee bit terrified of burning the wax and have my house smell like the refuse of the Crayola factory, so I probably did not melt them long enough ( the lumps might have been a pretty good clue...)

Also I couldn't think of a feasible excuse to come up with if I ruined the microwave.

Once they were melted down I stuck them in the freezer and forgot about them.

When I remembered I had to run the mold under some warm water in order to pop them out.
My favorite one is the blue sparkly one. Kegan likes them all and Gavin could care less.