Tuesday, January 5, 2010

[ pulled a muscle ]

My Grandma's quilt has been patiently waiting in the to-do pile for awhile now. Since the end of summer anyway. It was going to be sent out to the long arm quilter to be done with a fancy pattern, until I received a new sewing / quilting machine for Christmas.

Thanks Mom !
So I practiced my free motion quilting on some scraps until I got the hang of it, then I decided to go all out and quilt my Grandma's blanket. Ambitious, I am.

This is called stippling. Basically it's just a free hand squiggly motion all over the quilt. No rhyme or reason, just go with it. Pretty easy to do although I went through about 5 bobbins and I pulled a muscle in my shoulder moving the quilt underneath the machine.
It took me around 3 hours, give or take. I took a few coffee breaks, changed some diapers, let the dog out etc etc. I still need to attach the binding, which matches the back of the fabric (somehow I forgot to take a picture of that....)

I am hoping to finish it up and get it into the mail for my Grandma by next week.